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The Farmers Union Oil and Supply Company was organized December 10, 1932.  Originally, the Co-op began as a Farmers Union organization and only members of that group could purchase supplies.

The first station was on Northwest Boulevard in Coeur d’ Alene – January 7, 1933.


In the early 1950’s the Farmers Union Co-op reorganized, changed the name to Cooperative Supply and associated with the Pacific Supply, Walla Walla, WA as its wholesale supplier.

Petroleum was a large volume of the business….

The Co-op trade area was primarily around Lake Coeur d’Alene, although they served patrons as far south as Princeton, Idaho with a store there.  Petroleum was a large volume of the business, but the company endeavored to provide the quality items that farmers, ranchers and area people needed.

During the time of operation, the Co-op has operated numerous stores.  Those stores were:  Princeton, Potlatch, St. Maries, Worley, Post Falls.  The first building on the site of the Post Falls Co-op Supply was built in the 1930’s.  A new fueling facility was built in 2009.  The Coeur d’Alene stores were: 115 NW Boulevard, 508 Northwest Boulevard, 604 Northwest Boulevard, 1923 Sherman, a Feed Mill at 3rd and Indiana and Dalton Gardens on Government Way. 

Post Falls Facility - 2013 

About seven acres of land was purchased along Government Way in Dalton Gardens in about 1964.  At the time of purchase it was little more than a lot full of trees with a very small building with two gas pumps out front.  Now it is the Dalton Gardens Store, and is the largest of the Co-op’s facilities.  About one million dollars was spent in 1995 to bring the store up to its current status.

                   Dalton Gardens Facility - 2013                  

The Petroleum Department was added in 2002 when the Trent Location was purchased.  It since has had its fueling system upgraded and is a “stand alone” card lock facility.  The Petroleum Department expanded and now serves many bulk fuel farmers and commercial and heating oil customers in North Idaho and Spokane County.

                                          Dalton Gardens Facility - 2017




We value the Cooperative's customers, patrons and members; stability, longevity and rural history; support of local communities and those employees that are active in them; dedicated, knowledgeable and service oriented associates who go the extra mile; workplace harmony at all levels; history as a dependable source of quality products; strong supplier relationships; responsiveness to changing markets; helping our patrons and each other succeed.....


Cooperative Supply is committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction by continuously striving to be responsive to customer needs and by providing them with unmatched service and product values.


We will continue to expand our base of loyal patrons by developing strong relationships with them, educating them about the value of the cooperative and by developing a reputation for delivering unmatched service and product values.

We will continue to be visionary and strive to be responsive to change, using new technologies in order to improve the product and service values we offer to our patrons.

We are the preferred provider of goods and services we can supply to:  homeowners - the suburban, rural, commercial and part-time farming markets, as well as being significant suppliers to related industrial and commercial markets.

We will develop an operationally efficient petroleum system that will meet the future needs of our patrons.

We will continue to support our local communities, agriculture and youth programs.

We will be a sought after employer because employee longevity, security and prosperity are priorities of the cooperative.

The cooperative endeavors to share its success with those who made it successful.

(Adopted 03/24/1997)

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